General Tournament Information:

Friday Bracket Play : Matches run from 5pm-9pm (at Bellarmine, Harker, Wilcox)

Saturday Pool Play & Bracket Play: Matches run from 9am-7pm (at all sites listed below)

Athletic Trainers: Bellarmine will have athletic training coverage, all other sites will be dependent on coachs for First-Aid (bring your own kits)

All sites will have the following:

  • Ice and ice bags available to the teams
  • Hospitality rooms for the coaches
  • Tournament T-Shirt for sale

Please be prepared for limited seating/bleacher space in all three venues. Additionally, all teams are expected to clean-up their bench area after each contest, as well as clean-up their team area when leaving the site for the remainder of the day.

Site Specific Information

(For specific site maps see LOGISTICS -> MAPS menu above)


Gym address: 760 Emory Street, San Jose CA 95126 (this is not the main address for the school)

Parking: All tournament parking must be in the school lots located off Emory Street (overflow parking @ 960 W. Hedding St.).  Parking in the neighborhood adjacent to the camplus will result in a parking ticket/towing.


Team Areas/Tents: Along the walkway and grass area on the front side of the gym (adjacent to Emory St.)


Gym address: 3800 Blackford Ave, San Jose, CA 95117 (This is the Middle School, NOT the Upper School or the Lower School) 

Parking: All parking should happen at the rear end of the school parking lot on the Blackford campus.

Team Areas/Tents: ON Friday, please do not arrive at Harker prior to 4pm.  Team area setup(tents) may be outside the backside of the gym nearest the boys locker room.

Important Note: Harker is a peanut product free campus no peanut products are allowed on campus at all


Gym address: 3250 Monroe Street, Santa Clara CA 95051

Team Areas/Tents: On Friday, please do not arrive at Wilcox more than one hour prior to the start of play.  Team area set-up may be anywhere in the gated area near the gym.